Emotional and
biological effects

With our multi-channel LED engines any light spectrum can be recreated, including Sunlight. Light spectra have effects on human cognition, emotions, attention, productivity, hormones and affect our circadian rhythms. Our light engines can be programmed to positively affect our health and productivity in different situations.

The highest fidelity light

Our LED modules surpass the highest standards regarding spectral accuracy. This is accomplished by combining our multi-wavelength LED engines with an integrated spectral feedback, being able to guarantee spectral errors lower than 1% and color stabilities within 1-step McAdam ellipse (∆uv < 0.001) over their lifetime.

Real time calibration

Our spectrally tunable LED modules are provided with a control feedback through spectral and temperature sensors to account for wavelength shifts, flux fluctuations and include an overheating protection in case of a bad heatsink dimensioning or harsh conditions.

Human, animal, plant and object centric lighting

The project was funded by the FP7 program of the European Commission (www.hi-led.eu). With a budget near 5M€, Hi-LED has developed a family of IoT-connected smart LED modules with embedded spectral algorithms, which offer natural illumination patterns that can be used to foster our health and biology, among other things. A succinct summary of the main scientific results obtained with our LED modules can be found here.

Accurate Lighting

The National Gallery (London, UK) is using our lights to study the color perception of paintings under different illuminations (i.e. spectral compositions) and the damage potential of different light patterns on pigments. In this video, our LED modules are used by the NG scientists to illuminate the “The Rape of Sabine Women” by Peter Paul Rubens under different light spectra. This was a life event posted on Facebook by the National Gallery to celebrate the British Science Week.

Human Centric Lighting

Sunlight changes in light intensity and spectral composition partly define the circadian cycle of living beings. The scientific evidence on the relation of light and the synchronization of our circadian system is unequivocal, as are the risks that a disrupted circadian system can pose to our health. Can you imagine a bright future were smart light engines dynamically adapt their spectral output to match our needs? We do.



This is really a cost-effective “rocket science” piece at your hands. Connect the Photonfy to your phone and literally digitize any light pattern or ambience for a later reproduction with our smart LED engines.

Light Creator

Light Creator® is the first online platform for digital light. Control our IoT-connected LED modules, measure light (Light Catcher), organize lighting patterns by application, analyze light properties and share light spectra with the community.


VEGA modules have been designed and fabricated having spectral quality and reliability as main aim. Different numbers of LED channels and connectivity options are available. Break the boundaries of current spectral precision and accuracy standards.

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24/7 Working Environments

Our light modules can be programmed to follow natural daylight patters to promote the synchronization of the circadian rhythms, enhance alertness and productivity, generally improving the working conditions and quality.


Ledmotive case study Hospitals

Spectrally tunable digital light to improve patient care in hospital ICUs. Illumination for surgical procedures and light for examination of patient in medical offices.


The right light at the right time and place. It is no big surprise that light affects our mood and productivity. Productivity losses cost U.S. employers $576 billion annually. That’s a humongous number, don’t you think?


Custom-made LED modules up to 12 channels. Select the wavelengths of interest and we do the hard work for you! Spectroscopy, microscopy, medical sciences, biology and countless of scientific fields may benefit from our modules and scientific software.

Art & Museums

Highest CRI and TM30-15 for all CCTs. Optimize visual perception of colors while controlling the artwork damage potential of the light spectra being used. Each space has its unique requirements.

Health & Wellness

Light spectra have effects on human cognition, emotions, attention, productivity, hormones and affect our circadian rhythms. Our light engines can be duly programmed to positively affect our health and productivity in different situations.


The cognitive environment can make a big difference in the learning process, the correct light can stimulate students’ attention, maximize knowledge absorption and improve social interaction.

Video & Cinema production

Digital parametrization of spectral light among scenes. Bring a thought ambient to reality. Save lighting conditions for a later reproduction. Share digital light compositions via email links with Light Creator®. And much more…


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