18th September 2019 – Barcelona, Spain.

Last September, Barcelona’s Vall d’Hebron hospital deployed a new smart intensive care unit (ICU) which comes with an extension of 3,500 square meters and 56 individual spaces for patients, making the biggest in Spain as a whole up to date.

The intensive care unit uses LEDMOTIVE spectrally tuneable technology and VEGA07 light engines that span the visible range whose spectral output can be tuned to exactly match natural daylight.

This human centric lighting (HCL) solution contribute to improving patient care since each box is equipped with different operational modes: light for surgical procedures and light intended for patient exploration. The spectrally-tuneable LED lighting system follows the circadian rhythm and has a warning system for excessive noise by a red light that comes on when 40 decibels are exceeded in the room. All this to facilitate both assistance and patient rest.

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Magazine:  IM Medico Number 30,  2018.