29th October 2019 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Last 15th October took place a new session of the “Dynamic Lighting Workshop” organized by LAMP in Dubai. The aim was to discuss how lighting responds to the new needs posed by the evolution and humanization of architectural spaces.

Ledmotive Dynamic Lighting Workshop Dubai


Martin Klaasen, Klaasen Lighting Design

Keynote: Dynamic lighting in Hospitality. “Introducing dynamic lighting concepts in generally static environments”

Raquel Quevedo, Merketing director LAMP and Fernando Monge, Asis-Pacific Manager, LAMP

Keynote: Dynamic lighting

Miguel Florido, Sales and Marketing Director, LEDMOTIVE

Keynote: Multispectral light

The event was held at TechArc, Alserkal Avenue, 17th St Warehouse 25, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). The seminar received more than 70 attendees with different profiles, from architects, lighting designers and interior designers. The theoretical block was combined with a demonstration of the versatility of multispectral VEGA 07 module in architectural projects.