Valencia, Spain – LEDMOTIVE participated in HOSPEA Architecture & Engineering meeting, held on May 28-29, 2019 in Valencia. HOSPEA is the annual One to One meeting between purchasing decision makers, prescribers, and suppliers of equipment and materials for hospital and geriatric architecture and engineering. This year more than 40 client and prescriber companies participated.

Ledmotive - HOSPEA

Some of the participants were private hospitals such as Quirón and Ribera Salud. The Public hospital 12 of October, Gregorio Marañón Hospital, and the Vall d’Hebron Hospital attended as well as groups of nursing homes DomusVi, Caser, Fundación Gerón, and others.

Hospital architecture and interior design participants were PSP, AIDHOS, January, PmMt, Vitaller, Mario Corea, Casa solo and some prestigious engineering firms JG engineers, IDOM, Valnu, and C + g were also represented.

LEDMOTIVE spectrally-tunable Smart Lighting system that allows designing and reproducing the most appropriate type of light spectrum according to 24-H circadian rhythms was presented during the event.

Ledmotive - HOSPEA

This solution providing a more comfortable experience and achieving a shorter recovery time for patients and improving the productivity of health personnel. It is especially useful for critical patients to increase orientation and reduce Deliriums and recovery times in intensive care units (ICUs).

In addition, LEDMOTIVE solutions can be integrated with building management systems (BMS), also providing signaling in case of alarms such as blue code or excessive noise.

Finally, our product VEGA07 generated a lot of interest in the healthcare community. At present, there are different open opportunities for projects and it is expected that during the next months LEDMOTIVE solution will be installed in hospitals and geriatric units.