We’ve got the IoT (Internet of things) solution you are looking for. Take advantage of an advanced spectral design and control your lights from any point on earth. Welcome to the internet of lights.

LED Modules

LEDMOTIVE modules have been designed and fabricated having spectral quality and reliability as main aim. Different numbers of LED channels and connectivity options are available. Break the boundaries of current spectral precision and accuracy standards.

Our spectrally tunable LED modules are provided with a control feedback through spectral and temperature sensors to account for wavelength shifts, flux fluctuations and include an overheating protection in case of a bad heatsink dimensioning or harsh conditions.

They surpass the highest standards regarding spectral accuracy. This is accomplished by combining our multi-wavelength LED engines with an integrated spectral feedback, being able to guarantee spectral errors lower than 1% and color stabilities within 1-step McAdam ellipse (∆uv < 0.001) over their lifetime.

Spectra Tune Lab
Spectra Tune HCL
Spectra Tune 7!
Vega 07


This is really a cost-effective “rocket science” piece at your hands. Connect the Photonfy to your phone and literally digitize any light pattern or ambience for a later reproduction with our smart LED engines.

This spectrometer breaks down the light caught into spectral components, digitizing the signal as a function of the wavelength (color). This portable device, connects wirelessly to your phone and uploads your preferred lights to your Ledmotive platform account (Light Creator®). Done! From now on, you can play back this light spectrum or sequence whenever and wherever you are with our spectrally-tunable LED modules. Light is yours.


Light Creator

Light Creator® is the first online platform for digital light. Control our IoT-connected LED modules, measure light (Light Catcher), organize lighting patterns by application, analyze light properties and share light spectra with the community.

Light Creator® is both:
A social platform to design, measure, share and organize different light spectra and information about light.

An IoT platform (Internet of Things) that controls our smart LED modules in an easy manner. Access your lighting installations from anywhere.

Welcome to Light Creator®! Light is digital, light is social.

Light Creator

Light Hub

The Light Hub allows our smart light engines to be seamlessly integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT), then you will be able to use the LIGHT CREATOR platform to control the LED modules and lighting installations in an easy manner.

Light Hub