Project Description

ILBOC 24 hours control room

Iberian Lube Base Oils Company, S.A. (ILBOC) is a company that produce lubricant bases (LBO) (group II and III) at its plant located in the Escombreras Valley (Cartagena). The lighting system designed for the ILBOC facilities was intended to bring natural light to the control room for each work shift according to the circadian rhythms.

Ledmotive case study ILBOC

This project aims to transfer the dynamism and characteristics of natural light to the work environment, providing an adequate atmosphere and with the potential to increase the feeling of well-being, motivation, concentration and performance of employees. Dynamic lighting sequences were defined in compliance with Spanish Royal Decree R.D 486/1997 and following the EN 12464-1 standard for workplaces with high visual requirements.

Lighting sequences  uses ascending and descending ramps to modulate worker melatonin levels, accelerate concentration and alertness in the workplace. In addition, a final sequence was developed to inhibit blue light but not excessively for operators at the end of the workday.

The lighting solution selected was LEDMOTIVE VEGA 07 module with spectral control inside working as an autonomous control system with an embedded computer to provide the correct sequence and time slots to update the spectrum according to the biological rhythms of the operators in each work shift.

Location: Iberian Lube Base Oils Company (ILBOC), Cartagena Murcia , Spain
Installation: 24-hours control room
Technology: LEDMOTIVE VEGA 07 MODULE, Light-Hub, software control
Luminaires: Recessed Downlight CASTAN with spectrally-tuneable LED modules VEGA07 series
Year: 2017