Project Description

Repsol Olefin control room

Repsol Olefin control room

The objective of this lighting project is to bring natural light to a Repsol 24-hour control room in the Olefin plant, throughout the 8-hour working day for each shift (morning, afternoon and night), in tune with workers’ circadian rhythms.

Bringing the dynamism of natural light into the work environment, increasing the feeling of well-being and providing a suitable atmosphere with the potential to increase employee performance, concentration and motivation.

In this project, downlight luminaires reference KORE mini LEDMOTIVE VEGA07 with circadian spectral lighting system and Light Hub LEDMOTIVE have been installed.

Location: Repsol Olefin plant, Tarragona, Spain

Installation: 24-hours control room

Technology: spectrally-tuneable LEDMOTIVE KORE mini VEGA 07 downlights, Light-Hub, software control
Year: 2021