Project Description

Triceratops Skull Lighting Design

The Science Centre ‘Skull 21’ exhibition is designed as a guided storytelling tour, educating visitors about paleontology reconstruction technologies, from its discovery up to the end result.

This exposition used novel advanced spectrally tunable LEDs that made the bone-print differences invisible. A sequence of scenes unveils the colour and texture differences between the brownish bone and grey plastic 3D printed parts using pinspots in which lighting effects support the storytelling.

In this project, spectrally tuneable indoor projector IMAG VEGA07 luminaire and Light Hub LEDMOTIVE have been installed.

Location: Skull 21 exposition at Science Centre Delft, Netherlands.

Installation: Triceratops skull lighting design. Skull 21 Museum exposition.

Technology: spectrally-tuneable IMAG VEGA 07, Light-Hub.
Year: 2021.