Project Description

Vall d’Hebron Hospital – Spain

The Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is a public and university affiliated hospital founded in 1955. It belongs to the Catalan Health Institute and is the hospital complex with the highest volume of interventions in Catalonia, Spain. In 2018 the hospital installed a new circadian lighting system with LEDMOTIVE spectral control technology for the new Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Advanced lighting features connected clinical data with patient security and optimum illumination were included.

All patient information is linked to a smart screen where hospital staff can monitor their progress. A blue light indicator in the patient’s room warns if they are about to enter a critical situation, and the doors open automatically allowing easier access.

Substituting the previous unit, the new ICU has an extension of 3,500 square meters and 56 individual spaces for patients, making the biggest in Spain as a whole.

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The design of the ICU incorporates “Smart beds” that mimics the natural day-night cycle. The beds are connected to a smart display, relaying information such as the patient’s weight, movements, position so they do not spend too much time immobile, and warnings of falls. The ICU unit expects to attend to around 2,200 patients each year. With this new technology, it will be able to do so in a more agile way than what was possible with the previous Intensive Care Unit. For patients and relatives alike, the changes are positive. In addition, each patient also gets their own, more private space, and they are always under the surveillance of medical professionals, so their loved ones know they are in safe hands.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Installation: Lighting for Smart Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Technology: LEDMOTIVE VEGA 07 MODULE, Light-Hub, software control
Luminaires: Recessed Downlight CASTAN.
Year: 2018