Project Description

Woolcock Institute – Australia

The Woolcock Institute is a Medical Research Centre with more than 200 medical researchers dedicated to investigating respiratory and sleep health through world-class research and novel clinical practice treatments. The goal of the lighting system was to bring the most natural light possible using the LED technology. The selected product was LEDMOTIVE VEGA 07 module with spectral control that includes a connected IoT light hub and an advanced control API software.

Ledmotive Project - Woolcock Institute - Australia

Researcher in this new facility are studying new therapies and approaches to the impact on health, sleep response, circadian rhythms and cognitive functions in elderly people who are affected by Alzheimer, Mild Cognitive impairment (MCI) or sleep disorders. Also, the psychological state is being assessing in the studies as well.

Location: Sydney, Australia
Installation: Pilot installation for elderly people
Technology: LEDMOTIVE VEGA 07 MODULE, Light-Hub, software control
Luminaires: Recessed Downlight CASTAN.
Year: 2017