Reference Projects

24/7 Working Environments

Our light modules can be programmed to follow natural daylight patters to promote the synchronization of the circadian rhythms, enhance alertness and productivity, generally improving the working conditions and quality.


Ledmotive case study Hospitals

Spectrally tunable digital light to improve patient care in hospital ICUs. Illumination for surgical procedures and light for examination of patient in medical offices.


The right light at the right time and place. It is no big surprise that light affects our mood and productivity. Productivity losses cost U.S. employers $576 billion annually. That’s a humongous number, don’t you think?


Custom-made LED modules up to 12 channels. Select the wavelengths of interest and we do the hard work for you! Spectroscopy, microscopy, medical sciences, biology and countless of scientific fields may benefit from our modules and scientific software.

Art & Museums

Highest CRI and TM30-15 for all CCTs. Optimize visual perception of colors while controlling the artwork damage potential of the light spectra being used. Each space has its unique requirements.

Health & Wellness

Light spectra have effects on human cognition, emotions, attention, productivity, hormones and affect our circadian rhythms. Our light engines can be duly programmed to positively affect our health and productivity in different situations.


The cognitive environment can make a big difference in the learning process, the correct light can stimulate students’ attention, maximize knowledge absorption and improve social interaction.

Video & Cinema production

Digital parametrization of spectral light among scenes. Bring a thought ambient to reality. Save lighting conditions for a later reproduction. Share digital light compositions via email links with Light Creator®. And much more…