Why Ledmotive

Emotional and
biological effects

Through multi-channel light engines, LEDMOTIVE can recreate any light spectrum starting with sunlight which is the agent responsible for the stimulation of our circadian cycles. Light affects human cognition, emotions, hormonal cycles and biological rhythms. Adapted sequences affect positively health and productiveness of living spaces.

The highest fidelity light

Our main goal is overcome the highest standards regarding spectral accuracy. Accomplished by the usage of Multi-channeled LED engines comprehending the visible range without gaps in the SPD (Spectral Power Distribution) and the merge of single-peak LEDs with phosphor-converted to achieve flatness.

Real time calibration

Providing the highest standards from factory, our calibrated light sources’ aging and temperature are compensated in real time with the constant correction of the LED PMW signals, through an on-board CMOS spectrometer to match perfectly the target spectrum.

Human, animal, plant and object centric lighting

The HI-LED project will advance the state of the art of Solid State Lighting through research on innovative light engines that take advantage of full control of light. The incorporated intelligence enables responsive fine tuning of spectral properties in real time, as well as precise dimming capabilities.
These smart systems with added intelligence offer natural illumination patterns that respect our biological circadian rhythms. This can be done very accurately by spectral selection or even through Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) adaptation.

Accurated lighting

The British national gallery in collaboration with Senior Scientific Officer Joe Padfield and Digital Imaging Research Fellow Florian Kergourlay, worked on the Peter Paul Rubbens painting “The Rape of Sabine Women” in a demonstration on how accurate light’s color and temperature affects on the perception of Art.

Human centric lighting

Natural light course of the sun defines the circadian cycle of living beings, this human centric light directly provides optimal conditions to ensure the synchronization of the biological rhythms and optimize their performance in work environments by reproducing recorded atmospheres.


Light Catcher

The spectrometer catches the light and breaks it into spectral components to digitalize the signal as a function of wavelength and read it out to send the information wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet to measure and control light and record any sequence.

Light Creator

With the Light Creator tool it is possible to recreate spectra as recorded or tune it with further personal modifications. You can design your personal light libraries and edit sequences’ playlists to share them with other users. It provides communication to control the LED modules.

LED module

The module lighting functions are dynamic through wavelengths, the device light control system can adapt spectra ranges with the multichannel LED engine that includes its own internal feedback to become more intelligent, efficient and accurate in reproducing any light spectrum.

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Human centric lighting

Human centric lighting is focused in people’s well-being, starting with health, behavior, performance and even leisure. This protocol can also have an impact in other living beings. The management of circadian cycles can have repercussions in physical and psychological health, Involving light, environment and living things it’s possible to control growing and cognitive parameters, some characteristics that can improve workers and students achievements and it can be used to daylight simulations for other different purposes.

Ledmotive can deliver the exactly reproduction of the physical properties of daylight in visible range.

24 Hours Rooms

24/7 rooms have to provide the workers the sensation on the course of the day to avoid disruption in workers inner clock which has been synchronized according to the track of the sun for ages.


The cognitive environment can make a big difference in the learning process, the correct light can stimulate students attention and maximize knowledge absorption and improve social interaction.


Circadian cycles can influence in workers alertness and vitality in large range journal hours which is crucial for certain sectors. Better working conditions increases employee productivity.

Other aplications

Art & Museums

Perceiving the works of art according to the point of view of the artist to recreate sensations also preservation of art heritage it’s crucial therefore the use of the correct tool can improve both needs within the same solution.


Scientific studies development need to be performed in controlled environments for the result to be accurate and avoid polluting agents. Through customization we can provide any light to meet your requirements.

Video & Cinema

To transform a location atmosphere into someone’s imagination scene or even a time and space in history and be able to record it and recreate it when needed.


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