March 27, 2020

Ledmotive - Spectral Light for Intensive Care Units (ICU)

The Spanish magazine “Electroeficiencia” in February 2020 was covering the novel spectral lighting solution for hospitals developed by LEDMOTIVE.

The article presents the spectrally-tunable lighting system for hospital’s intensive care units (ICUs). This solution for ICUs provides a wide margin on the return on investment in terms of well-being and productivity.

LEDMOTIVE’s multispectral lighting system, at Vall d’Hebron Hospital, has been distinguished by features such as the highest quality light, and versatility, also, matching the colors and metamers with different spectral power distributions to be adapted to the needs of critically ill ICU patients.

This lighting technology has the advantage to adapt the visual and non-visual response, improving mood and increasing the feeling and patient well-being.

The LEDMOTIVE lighting solution allowing to reproduce natural light, including its circadian changes throughout the day, with the highest visual quality, without resorting to high light intensities, guaranteeing visual and non-visual comfort metrics for patients and health care personnel.

In March 2020, the onset of COVID-19 emergency, the ICU at the Vall d’Hebron hospital is operating at full capacity to help patients in single closed environment and to prevent the release of pathogens into other adjacent spaces.

More information

PDF file (2020 UCI Vall de Hebron)