August 27th 2020 -Cordoba, Spain

Last August, Reina Sofia Hospital deployed a new CT advanced scanner room. This facility is part of the “Energy Footprint project” and its objective is for Andalusian public health to have advanced rooms for diagnostic imaging information, with the greatest safety for the patient and within a sustainable development project. The aim is to achieve diagnostic excellence and position Andalusia as the European region with the most optimized radiation levels in tomography analysis and advanced spectrally tuneable LED luminaires.

In this modern CT room, the patient can choose the most relaxing lighting scenario, according to their preference before the tomography test using a Tablet installed in the examination room. Different lighting scenarios have been created to recreate different environments such as a sunset, a forest, a Caribbean beach or a fireplace. In addition, and spectral control algorithm is used to maximize the relaxing effect of the lights. Additionally, the webapp allows the operator to select an examination or surveillance light according to the medical needs of the patient. At the end of the test, the patient will be able to assess the experience using the same graphical user interface.

The Energy Footprint project received recognition from the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (FENIN) for the best technological innovation in health developed by an autonomous community in Spain.

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