The light engine for scientists.

Spectrally tunable light engine attachable to an optical table with 10 independently addressable LED color channels.

The most spectrally accurate light source in the market with internal spectral and color compensation through an integrated spectral sensor.

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The SPECTRA TUNE LAB allows you to digitally create any light Spectral Power Distribution (either static or dynamic) through our μWave software or dedicated Python API / SDK.

Full spectral flexibility
& Optical feedback

Dynamic sequences

Easy to use

C-Mount adaptor to
attach coupling optics

10 independent LED-based wavelength channels across the visible range.

  • High power multi-spectral LED light engine (3800 lm, 14 W [Optical]).
  • Independent color channel dimming.
  • Precise, accurate and stable light emission.
  • No warm up time required.
  • Fast: 10 milliseconds on average response time.

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Designing your light spectra owing to the latest scientific parameters has never been easier.

Use the Spectra Tune Lab to match any target spectra, with the same color point and optimal spectral fit.

Accurate and precise.

LEDMOTIVE patented technology (Patent PCT/EP2011/050002) warrants spectral precision and accuracy as well as stability over time, through a CMOS-based onboard spectroradiometer.

Easy to use.

The included μWave software provides a set of basic functions to easily compose light spectra and sent them to the Spectra Tune Lab.

You can also control the Spectra Tune Lab with your preferred programming language (Python, MATLAB, Labview, C, C++, Java, etc..) via our optional REST API with the fastest response times.

Easy to integrate in your set-up.

Optional C-MOUNT adaptor.

Accessories w/ mounting holes compatible with standard optical tables and ¼ thread for tripod mounting.

Downlighter format also available.

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SPECTRA TUNE LAB light engine.

Installation Guide