Control the lights from any programming language with our REST API. Easy to integrate the lights with other equipment or sensors.

Main features:

  • Control API running in the LIGHT HUB
  • API fully written in Python and Node.js
  • Full programmatic control (up to 70 instructions)
  • SET and GET operations: spectrum, channels, color, send dynamic spectra sequences, feedback modes, spectral fitting modes, power protection, temperature protection, LED calibration, on-board spectrometer and colorimeter calibration, colorimetry functions, color space translations, CRI, TM-30-15, S/P, Melanopic flux, PAR radiation, and much more!
  • Calls to the API can be made from any programming language (Python, MATLAB, C, C++, Java, etc..) and through networks (LAN, WAN, Internet, etc.)
  • The API will receive periodic upgrades with more functionalities.