Entrevista SECPhO: “Hemos creado una luz para interiores que reproduce fielmente la luz del sol y es energéticamente eficiente”

Ledmotive nace como la primera spin off del Instituto de Investigación en Energía de Cataluña (IREC) con el objetivo de desarrollar y comercializar una tecnología (patentada) sin precedentes en el mercado [...]

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LEDMOTIVE brings dynamic daylight into the 24/7 polypropylene Control Room in the Repsol oil refinery in Tarragona

Ledmotive, a startup company leader in spectrally tuneable LED lighting modules, accelerated by the Repsol Foundation, has outfitted a 24/7 working environment (Repsol polypropylene control room) with a novel lighting system designed for critical-task performing undergone with a total absence of natural daylight. The technology allows to dynamically illuminate the room with [...]

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Ledmotive for leisure

Ledmotive is the ideal light source for household environments. Evokes lighting conditions experienced in the past. Save and Store light from anywhere. Reproduce perfect daylight conditions while saving energy. Let you customize the light spectra to your specific needs at any time. Enjoy the purest State of any type of light from home Easy to [...]

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the main advantages of VLC

Security Since visible light cannot surpass walls, the information is kept within the interior space. Reduced cost of ownership VLC can reduce wiring and the cost associated with expensive IT infrastructures. Health Eliminates excessive and potentially harmful microwave radiation from WiFi areas. Speed Gbit/s communications have been demonstrated.

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Information needs a channel to be transmitted from one point to another. Our I+D team is working on equipping our light engines with Visible-Light Communications. Visible-Light Communications (VLC) use photons in the visible range as a means of transmitting digital information. Thus, in interior spaces, visible light could be used as a carrier of information [...]

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Los LED de Ledmotive producen luz idéntica a la natural

Su tecnología inteligente y dinámica permite crear, grabar y compartir patrones lumínicos entre sus usuarios Ledmotive, una spin-off del Instituto de Investigación en Energía de Cataluña (IREC), ha diseñado un dispositivo compuesto por distintos tipos de LED, cuya combinación permite imitar cualquier tipo de luz, incluida la solar. El avance posibilita la creación de [...]

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National Gallery tests how LEDs affect colour perception

An interactive experiment is under way at the National Gallery to test people’s perceptions of colour using a prototype tunable LED system. The experiment is part of the gallery’s Making Colour exhibition, which uses scientific methods to demonstrate artists’ use of colour and how they created the colours in their paintings. The lighting experiment looks [...]

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Ledmotive Technology at the National Gallery. London

National Gallery recorre la historia del color con luz de Ledmotive La firma patenta una tecnología LED que trata la luz como el MP3 hace con la música Ledmotive Technologies, una spin-off del Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya, utiliza su tecnología patentada para crear condiciones de iluminación únicas que permiten a los [...]

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La start-up Ledmotive proporciona iluminación inteligente a una exposición de la National Gallery de Londres

La empresa, surgida como spin-off del IREC, exporta una innovadora tecnología que permite percibir de manera distinta los colores de las obras maestras de la pintura universal. Barcelona, 7 de julio de 2014.- La empresa Ledmotive Technologies S.L (http://www.ledmotive.com), creada como spin-off del Institut de Recerca en Energia de Catalunya (IREC), utiliza su tecnología patentada [...]

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