Lamp Workshop

8th July 2019 – Bogota, Colombia.

Last 9th May took place the “First Dynamic Lighting Workshop” organized by LAMP. The aim was to discuss how lighting responds to new needs posed by the evolution and humanization of architectural spaces.

Theoretical sessions focused on defining the keys to understanding, static lighting, tunable white, Human-centric lighting, and their purposes. The practical sessions allowed attendants to experience and understand the concepts explained above with a technical demo session.

In the final session, Miguel Florido, LEDMOTIVE Sales Director, showed new trends around spectrally tuneable lighting and presented the circadian lighting portfolio to create dynamically light spectrums. This technology allows us to copy the natural light and reproduce it in our smart lighting system following our internal circadian clock.

Human-centric lighting provides numerous benefits to users, especially in Hospital intensive care units (ICU), operating rooms, and spaces where the benefits of light have a great impact to increase user comfort and wellbeing. LEDMOTIVE in collaboration with Lamp is currently commercializing Human-centric lighting solutions for multiple applications (hospitals, offices, retail, residential).

The event was held at ODEON space, located in the historical center of Bogotá Colombia, a restored building that in the 1940s housed one of the first movie theaters in Bogotá, and today offers its spaces for the development of innovation projects maintaining the iconic character of its architecture.

The seminar received more than 120 attendees with different profiles, from architects, lighting designers, interior designers or university centers. The theoretical block was combined with a demonstration of the versatility of the new VEGA07 module where attendees interacted with the LEDMOTIVE technology while generating an interesting debate about the importance of good lighting and its integration in architectural projects.

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