Project Description

Rural Hotel – Sant Pere de Torelló, Catalonia, Spain

The spectral adjustment of the lighting system is a great added value for any installation. The project is located in the rural Hotel Mas Vinyoles. The final solution offers the ability to choose between different lighting scenarios, for specific purposes to favors rest, passing, among others, by the light of a fireplace. The system is controlled by an APP from the mobile phone and focused on improving the well-being of its guests.

Ledmotive - Project - Rural Hotel

The compact and functional design of the system includes VEGA 07 modules. In this case, the customer has chosen an industrial high-bay type luminaire with a high level of IP protection to place it near the jacuzzi area.

Location: Sant Pere de Torelló
Installation: Rural Hotel
Technology: LEDMOTIVE VEGA 07 MODULE, Light-Hub, software control
Luminaires: industrial high-bay type with VEGA 07 inside
Year: 2019