February 4, 2022

The Mar Hospital located in Barcelona, Spain, has inaugurated a new intensive care unit facility, built in just five months and with capacity for eighteen new beds.

The new facility includes a circadian lighting system based on LEDMOTIVE light expertise and products. The hospital has installed downlight and spotlights with LEDMOTIVE’s award-winning VEGA07 multispectral technology.

The control system, implemented by LEDMOTIVE, integrates the luminaires and the LIGHT HUB with KNX smart switches the health personnel can operate to dimerize the box or switch to medical examination mode that maximizes illuminance level and color precision (CRI).

The light operation in circadian mode, has been optimized creating spatially homogeneous lighting ranging in color temperature from cool to warm following a sun light pattern in a 24 hours cycle. Combining diffuse and directional lights with varying color temperatures effectively recreates natural daylight, which is a mixture of sunlight and skylight. The human visual and non-visual responses to light is optimized to follow natural variations in daylight in the hospital environment.

Ledmotive - Circadian lighting system, Mar Hospital

Figure. Demonstration of different light color signalization alarms

The ICU is directly connected to the new surgical block and the resuscitation unit, thus facilitating the monitoring and transfer of patients during an emergency. The project was carried out between the months of September 2021 to January 2022, updating the facility including the new spectrally tuneable lighting and air conditioning system.

The new ICU hospital facility has been updated with new healthcare equipment, including the innovative Circadian lighting system by LEDMOTIVE that guarantees the visual comfort and environmental safety of patients, nurses, health professionals, and administrative staff.

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